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A whimsical blue color palette perfect for a dreamy garden wedding!

If a winter or spring wedding is in the cards, this stunning event decor is sure to capture your heart for those cozy brunch or day functions. We orchestrated this ethereal garden decor in a soft, romantic palette of baby blue for an intimate celebration.
Imagined against lush greenery, the decor saw a rich blend of textures and prints that combined to create an interesting visual story. Shades of pastel blue in the form of drapes, focal corners, cushions, vases, tables, hydrangeas, and more set a magical tone for the outdoor occasion. Elements like wicker lamps, plush velvet sofas, sleek metallic furniture, and props balanced the flowy, dream-like ambiance with an edgy, modern elegance. Pops of orange added a charming surprise to round off the beautiful decor. The innovative decor concept added a memorable depth to the lunch soiree and made for a great conversation starter!

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