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Kritee & Abhijit

Nazara Decor - Firstly, I have to say that I was very apprehensive in hiring any wedding planners, especially after independently finalizing the wedding venue in Delhi, that made me think we could manage it all with the support of our families. However, I must admit that I could not have been more wrong as it was one of the best investments we made. A lot of big and small elements need to be taken care of up till the grand finale and I’m glad that my family could just enjoy and dance their heart out instead of dealing with a gazillion things in the background.

We initially chose Nazara to execute our wedding plans for three events over two days. Kriti helped us find a great venue for the Sangeet and Haldi and I cannot thank her enough for the recommendation! She is genuinely enthusiastic about her work, very personable and collaborative.

We planned the wedding from miles away, living in London and Kriti was always available to answer our questions despite the different time zones. Her level of involvement and care really comes through and that’s what made us trust her with the décor for two events as well. As a bride, I was quite obsessive and involved in every single detail, but the Nazara team patiently handled my ‘tantrums’ and last-minute requests. They were really our soundboard for everything and throughout the process, we felt like we were working with our friends and not outsiders.


Sugandha & Kartik

Thankyou Nazara decor for making our wedding the most memorable experience for us to cherish for lifelong. Special thanks to kriti & team for managing everything with love & perfection. Highly recommend Nazara decor for wedding planning & execution services.We look forward to working with them again in near future for our forthcoming events.

We worked with nazara events for 4 consecutive days and they did a fantastic job. Kriti always come up with new and innovative ideas to make the event better than one could imagine. Her team is very professional and understanding. They work meticulously to make things perfect.

To summarise, we couldn’t ask for more — thank you kriti and team, we look forward to working with you again.

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Pavithra & Jagpreet

I cannot rave about Nazara and Kriti enough! Over 6 months Kriti made every single odd request of mine come to life, and the end product was nothing short of breathtaking. Every single guest had nothing but accolades for the decor and every single event looked so unique and apt for the occasion. Of all the things I’ve done for my wedding, picking Nazara is definitely one of the best. Lots of love and can’t wait to see you shine!!


Kshitij Garg

Wedding decor is something that speaks about the couple and the family’s taste, likes and dislikes. And you cannot pull this off without having a good understanding of your client.

Kritee has a very pleasing and warm personality and she shows her full intent to make the day super special. She has a strong understanding of designs, colour combinations alongside working on minimalistic and sophisticated elements for the wedding. No matter how big or small the event is 2 she makes it look grand.

Thank you Kritee for making my sister’s wedding so special. You have scored yourself a loyal client. Read less

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DJ Sue Project

Right a week before Diwali a clients decor team ditched with a massive production for a brand launch and after party, That's where Kriti and her team at Nazara Came to our rescue and in fact at such a short notice they gave better results than the team that was working on the project for months. Her Ideas and Creativity is par excellence. Must mention about the photobooth she created as that was the talk of the town


Sakshi & Lucas

Sakshi : Thank you for curating the wonderful wedding and the wedding of our dreams.You have been through it from the very beginning and we could have not asked for anyone better to do this. You did it all the way even though you were sick. Everything was on time and wonderful. Both of us & our families absolutely loved every event and we are very very thankful to you. You and your team are brilliant at what you do and we could not have asked for anyone else to do this so thank you for doing this.

Lucas : Seeing the space just being transformed in such a short period of time was unbelievable. Me & my family were so impressed. Stuff like this doesn't happen in New Zealand, so seeing your team doing such an awesome job and changing each event to a new theme, it was more than what we could ask for really. 

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